DateMate 3.2

Never forget another birthday

DateMate is 'the' event manager for your Palm OS powered PDA - never forget an important occasion again! Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and other special events - fast and easy, sorted and grouped together in one place, allowing you to easily contact the relevant people.


• Get reminders in advance for important events
• Address book integration - Create events for contacts in your address book (e.g. Birthday)
• Messaging - Easily call or send SMS, MMS and Email messages when an event occurs - greeting cards, invitations, etc
• Arrange your events by categories
• Synchronize events with your device's Calendar
• An elegant and easy to use interface
• Sort events by name or date
• Add notes to events
• View coming events easily

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DateMate 3.2

User reviews about DateMate

  • RobOttley

    by RobOttley

    "Agree, needs an iPhone app"

    There are a few things that I really love about how my Palm works and the peograms that I currently have on my Palm. ...   More.

  • DNeat

    by DNeat

    "Need on iphone!"

    I really enjoyed this program on my Sony Clie. But I have upgraded to an iPhone and I have no place to store all the...   More.